Master Your Mindset, Master Your Life

8 Weeks Coaching Program

Just as Titanium is used in building rocket ships, The Titanium High-Performance Coaching Program for Men is for you if you are done sitting on the launching pad and you’re ready to blast off and soar to new heights. Titanium is a high-priced, durable metal that relieves pain, promotes balance and counter-acts negative energy. It is resistant to toxins, rust and corrosion. You are ready to let go of toxic mindsets that have been corroding your work life and private life. Titanium is not easily molded and similarly, you are serious about up-leveling your game and being the strongest version of yourself. You are ready to do the work to expand your inner foundation so that the empire you are building doesn’t come crashing down on you.  

Your family and your business are extensions of who you are at your core. As your responsibilities grow, if the life you construct grows bigger than your inner foundation (your mindset management and emotional resilience) it will topple over and come crashing down on you…this is called having a great life and sabotaging it! Mid-life crisis, affairs, financial devastation…all symptoms of an under-developed inner foundation. You were born to lead but leading yourself is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself and the ones who follow you. To lead yourself and expand your inner foundation is to manage your mindsets and be emotionally resilient. It’s time! Everything is lining up for you to do the work, pay the price and invest in yourself to step into a life of fulfilling impact and make this your most effective, fruitful and fulfilling season of your life.

By incorporating the components of The Life Purpose Portfolio Project, The Titanium High-Performance Coaching Program for Men you will walk away with clarity, confidence and a strategic plan on how to move forward and command of your life. This program is accomplished as you watch the videos and complete the guided homework. Upon request, group or individualized coaching can be added for accountability for maximum implementation and achievement.

If you:

  • If you have felt like you’re stuck in survival mode, spinning your wheels and judging yourself harshly…you may have even said to yourself, “There’s got to be more to life than this.” …
  • If you feel called to a life of service but because your giving nature has been taken advantage of. You have shut down, emotionally. You may have begun to practice withholding your true self from the ones you care about the most. You may have trusted to a fault and now second-guesses yourself and your decisions, often turning to mistrust and cynicism…
  • If you’ve morphed into someone else’s version of who they are “supposed” to be rather than the man you were created to be…
  • If you are in the middle of a “mid-life crisis” or a “quarter-life crisis” and asking the questions “Who am I after this crisis?” “What am I going to do with the changes that this crisis has brought with it?” …
  • If you are experienced and seasoned; you’ve seen success in your life but secretly feel regret about the way things have turned out or you don’t know where to go from here. You feel a lack of direction and a lack of confidence due to transition and you don’t know who to turn to. You feel unfulfilled, yet feels a sense of guilt about feeling unfulfilled because life is overall good…

Then Titanium High-Performance Coaching for Men is for YOU!


This program is not for the faint of heart. It’s not for dabblers. This is not for you if you “don’t have time” or “don’t have the money”. This program is not for you if you are not ready to invest in yourself financially. It’s never about time and it’s never about money. It’s about fostering an environment of support so that your environment stops winning over you!


  • 8 Modules including Video, Audio and a Power Point Slide Deck
  • Downloadable Workbook with Worksheets and Homework with Cutting-Edge, Break-Through Technology
  • MVP Audit – Mission, Vision and Purpose Statement Audit ($250 value, FREE!)
  • Unlimited Coach Mail Support ($250 value, FREE!)
  • BONUS: Life Purpose Portfolio Project (LP3) – 4 Modules ($500 value, FREE!)
  • BONUS: Download of Summoned to Soar and Study Guide – ($35 Value, FREE!)

Upon Request:

  • Individualized, Guided Coaching
  • Accountability for Maximum Implementation and Achievement 


Course Description

Module 1

Secure Your Foundations

You will:

  • Live as Human “Being” vs. Human “Doing”
  • Live a Life of Significance Without Needing to Prove Who You Are
  • Unleash Your “Genius” and Live in the Sweet Spot
  • How to Locate and Turn ON Your “IPB” (Internal Power Base)
  • Think Beyond “Good/Bad” & “Right/Wrong”

Module 2

Learn the Art of Deep Connection and Collaboration

You will:

  • Create Loving Relationships by Honoring Boundaries
  • Integrate Patterns of Significance & Self-Worth
  • Manage Expectations & Disappointment
  • Create Vulnerability & Value in Your Relationships
  • Differentiate “Responsibility To” vs. “Responsibility For”

Module 3

Master the Art of Next Level Thinking

You will:

  • Unlock the Power of Dreaming (Dream Building 101)
  • Obliterate Excuses, Push Your Self-Limiting Boundaries & Raise the roof on Your Next-Level Ceiling
  • Incorporate Strategic Visioning
  • Transition ANYTHING with Ease
  • Solve Any Problem, Instantaneously

Module 4

Conquer the Conqueror

You will:

  • Trust & Honor Your Intuition, Live in the Moment and Own Your NOW
  • Master the Art of Giving & Receiving and Give Without Being Taken Advantage Of
  • Seduce the Marvelous Out of the Mundane
  • Choose a WHY That is Bigger Than Your WHAT

Module 5

Master the Art of Skillful Communication

You will:

  • Strengthen Your Impact with the Power of Your Word
  • Ask for What You Want Without Being Demanding
  • Listen at a Deeper Level to Create Intimacy
  • Ask Powerful Questions That Stimulates Awareness

Module 6

The Art of Simplicity and Deepen Your Spiritual Journey

You will:

  • Be Internally Led in a Driven World
  • Awaken to the Art of Spiritual Rituals
  • Obliterate Blame, Shame & Guilt for True Inner Peace
  • De-clutter Your Inner World & Live in Simplicity
  • Manage Stress and Overwhelm

Module 7

Locate Your Braveheart and Master the Art of Self-Leadership

You will:

  • Stimulate Emotional Intelligence
  • Initiate Emotional Responsibility
  • Activate Emotional Resilience
  • Access the Power of Feedback to be the CEO of YOU
  • Stop a Mid-life Crisis Before It Starts

Module 8

How to Power-Lift Your Life

You will:

  • Activate True Power & Understand Why It’s Vital to a Life of Impact
  • Abolish the Misuse of Power Can Crumble Outweigh You
  • Access the Power of a “Spotter” When Life Gets Heavy
  • Incorporate Work/Life Balance
  • Walk in the Wisdom of Your Historical Doppelganger

A Note from Your Coach:


Yes, I am a woman. Why would you take a coaching program from a woman? I have grown up around leaders all of my life. I have seen leaders rise and fall. I’ve seen them stay face down in the dirt and I’ve seen them rise up from the ashes to leave a legacy. As a man, you will thrive when you tap into your inner wisdom and intuition.  My specialization is to walk you through a process of self-leadership, emotional strength and securing your inner foundation so that you can move forward with authenticity. Clarity around who you are under the stratums of disguises is PARAMOUNT to living a life of significance, fulfillment and true joy. It’s time to rise up! You are being summoned to soar!