Are you ready to obliterate self-doubt and stop beating yourself up?

The questions that haunt women are, “What’s my purpose? Who am I? Why am I here and what am I here to do?” “Is this all there is to life?”

I get it…you become the woman you are supposed to be rather than who you were created to be. You tirelessly work to fit into the mold that has been passed down to you from generations. You bury your deepest desires and longings, convincing yourself that they do not matter. You create cycles of busyness to distract you from the aching desire for a life of extraordinary. Then guilt raises its ugly head. How could you secretly desire more when life is good? Who do you think you are to dream of an extraordinary life when your ordinary life is good enough?

Your lips utter the dreaded “F” word… “I’m FINE.” You look in the mirror but see a faded reflection; emptiness staring back at you.
There is nothing worse than feeling like you’re stuck in the day to day grind, driven by the demands of others or by the tyranny of the urgent!

It is absolutely gut-wrenching to feel like you have morphed into a false version of who you know you were created to be, wearing masks and labels that you have tirelessly forged as an attempt to shroud the fact that you have no idea who lives under the stratum of disguises.

It can be maddening to feel like life has been diminished to a circus act, just trying to keep all of the plates spinning in the air without crashing down…and then emotional self-flogging. You beat yourself up – living as your own worst enemy.
Many self-help and personal-development gurus talk about the importance of self-love…and I am in absolute agreement…BUT, you can’t love what you don’t know! Self-love is not selfish…it’s the foundation of a life of intention and impact.

So, getting to know who you are underneath the masks and labels is PARAMOUNT to even the basics of loving yourself.

Defining and designing your mission, vision, purpose…your intrinsic core values, passions and potential…

Unlocking a deep self-understanding which will unearth a new self-compassion…

Identifying the old survival mindsets that cause you to sabotage any forward movement and replacing them with mindsets that support you in creating a life you love…

80% of clients who work with a life coach improve their confidence and 72% improve their communication skills which results in 73% improving their inter-personal relationships. This is the self-work that will cause your value and self-worth to erupt and deepen your self-love and self-appreciation. The results will enhance your life, relationships and overall confidence.

  • It’s time to step into the light of CLARITY and AWAKEN to your AUTHENTICITY!
  • ​It’s time to be your own BEST ADVOCATE, ALLIED with yourself and your surroundings to unlock CONFIDENCE.
  • ​It’s time to come into ALIGNMENT with your DIVINE ASSIGNMENT and be ACTIVATED into a life of COURAGEOUS pursuit of a purposeful life!


Crowned With Purpose?

Confidence at Your Core is a coaching program that center around progressive, dynamic and thought-provoking conversations that inspire a healthy self-esteem, a strong sense of identity and confidence at your core.

Incorporating the components of The Life Purpose Portfolio Project, Confidence at Your Core will take you on a journey of self-discovery that will result in identity development, mindset management and emotional resilience. This program is accomplished as you watch the videos and complete the guided homework. Upon request, group or individualized coaching can be added for accountability for maximum implementation and achievement.


  • You will unearth a new level of clarity about who you are, why you are here and what you are here to do – living from a deep level of authenticity so that you can live with intention.
  • You’ll eliminate self-doubt, negative self-talk and self-sabotage.
  • You’ll stand in your personal power, ask for what you want with boldness and make decisions that are in alignment with who
  • you are at your core.
  • You will save you time, money and energy as you become the leader in your own life.
  • You will obliterate self-doubt and unlock a new level of confidence which will leave you feeling like you finally have command of your life so that you can create a life worth celebrating.


This program is not for the faint of heart. It’s not for dabblers. This is not for you if you “don’t have time” or you “don’t have money”. This program is not for you if you are not ready to invest in yourself financially. It’s never about time and it’s never about money. It’s about fostering an environment of support so that your environment stops winning over you!

Module 1

How to Accurately Assess Where You Are on the Journey

You will:

  • Accurately Assess What Stage of Your Journey You Are In
  • Determine What Where You Want to Go
  • Decipher What the Barriers Are to Creating the Life of Your Dreams
  • Awaken Dormant Dreams with Dream Building 101

Module 2

How to Go from a Human Doing to a Human Being

You will:

  • Create a Compelling Vision That Is Bigger Than Where You Are Now
  • Live as a “Human Being vs. a “Human Doing”
  • How to Own Your Personal Power and Release the Victim
  • What Are You Committed to Cause? What Invitation Are You?

Module 3

How to Unlock Awareness That Illuminates Reality

You will: 

  • Raise Your level of Awareness and Create Major AHA Moments
  • Determine Your Roadblocks and Blast Them to Oblivion
  • Discover What’s Standing in the Way of Your Vision
  • Really Let Go of the Past and Live Fully Embrace Your Present Moment

Module 4

How to Differentiate Between Fantasy and Reality

You will:

  • Determine Your Reality from Your Fantasy
  • Distinguish Feedback from Criticism and Gain Powerful Insight for Growth
  • Let Go of Smokescreens Like Blame, Shame and Guilt
  • Understand the Difference Between “Responsibility to” and “Responsibility for”

Module 5

How to Unlock a Whole New Treasure Chest of Possibilities

You will:

  • Create a New Reality Worth Celebrating
  • Discover all of the Treasures You’ve Been Overlooking
  • Unlock Hidden Possibilities 
  • Increase Your Possibilities with the Power of Interdependence

Module 6

How to Unearth the Treasure Within and Reveal Who Are You at Your Core

You will:

  • Reveal Who You Are at Your Core 
  • Distinguish Between Your Thoughts and Their Thoughts
  • Decide Your Likes and Dislikes
  • Answer the Question, “What do I Want?”

Module 7

How to Set Goals That Are in Alignment with Who You Are at Your Core

You will:

  • Determine Your Big WHY
  • Design Your Goals That Are SMART
  • Go from Goal-Setting to Goal Getting
  • Decide, Commit and DO

Module 8

Let Me Introduce You to the Woman I’ve Become

You will:

  • Walk in the Wisdom of Your Historical Doppelganger 
  • Write About Your Identity Makeover


  • 8 Modules including Video, Audio and a Power Point Slide Deck
  • Downloadable Workbook with Worksheets and Homework with Cutting-Edge, Break-Through Technology
  • MVP Audit – Mission, Vision and Purpose Statement Audit
  • Unlimited Coach Mail Support ($250 value)
  • BONUS: Life Purpose Portfolio Project (LP3) – 4 Modules ($500 value)
  • BONUS: One Month Free in The Flutter – ($29 Value)
  • BONUS: Download of Summoned to Soar and Study Guide – ($35 Value)

Upon Request:

  • Individualized, Guided Coaching
  • Accountability for Maximum Implementation and Achievement

A Note from Your Coach:

I Get It… I really do get it!

I coach women out who feel like they’ve been trapped in a cocoon but they are ready to BREAK OUT and use their wings to take them places they’ve never been before! 

Here’s the thing…the grave and the cocoon can feel very similar… they’re both dark, lonely places but the difference is the transformation that is happening inside of the cocoon! 

I remember, not so long ago, I had built my identity around what I DID versus who am at my core…and then, seemingly overnight, what I DID went away! When the faulty foundations that I had built my identity on began to crack and crumble, I went through an IDENTITY CRISIS of EPIC proportions! I didn’t even know what I liked or disliked because I was so used to liking what everyone else liked.

I remember crying to my mom one day saying, “I don’t even recognize the woman I’ve become…” 

It was at that moment when I realized that I was ready to come back home to ME…to take a deep dive into the essence of who I am at my core…to discover my purpose – my reason for existing. 

I’m here to coach you in your hidden times of personal development so that you endure the WHOLE process without giving up. I’m here to support you as you BREAK OUT of your cocoon of transformation. I’m here to stand with you as you are debuted to the world as the authentic version of who you were created to be and step into your call. I’m here to be the wind beneath your wings when it’s time to soar!

You don’t have to wing it alone anymore…come FLY with me!

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