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Restoration. Acceleration. Elevation.

Whether she's inspiring your audience at a conference, training women in a workshop, or bringing the message of the Kingdom to your church on a Sunday morning, she challenges her audiences to be resilient about their past, intentional about their future, Spirit-led in their endeavors, and empowered to change the world.

As a businesswoman, Angela's message is Marketplace-centric, speaking to the hearts of Marketplace ministers who are actively engaged in bringing the sacred to the secular, making an impact and income that funds the Kingdom. As a Pastor, Angela’s mission is to preach a message of Kingdom empowerment that provokes people to revolutionize their thinking so that they can rise above adversity and soar into their highest calling.

Angela Aja, who experienced a devastating family tragedy, used her faith to uncover a resilient spirit she didn’t know she possessed. Since then, she has created a dynamic life for herself and her family, turning tragedy into triumph. She is passionate about mentoring leaders to shape powerful lives for themselves and their communities. Nothing brings her more joy than empowering people to align their lives and careers with their Kingdom mission, vision, and purpose to create a fruitful, fulfilling life.

Specialized Workshops

The Emerging Woman: A Woman's Journey to Self-Discovery

More than ever, women are unknowingly suffering from the negative effects of a “misinformed identity”. They have become the woman they are “supposed to be” instead of being the woman that God created them to be. It strips them of their confidence and leaves them stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel of life, running hard but going nowhere fast. Most women find themselves distracted by the busyness of life, nurturing the needs of others and worried about the happiness of everyone else yet neglecting the dreams and desires of their own hearts. But here’s a solution that has helped me and countless others break the cycle of self-doubt, negative self-talk, and self-sabotage. Leveraging my “Identity Makeover Method™, I teach women how to reinvent themselves from the inside out. In this workshop, women will walk away with the tools they need to redefine their fears, failures, and imperfections.

In this workshop, your audience will learn how to:
  • Silence Your Inner “Mean-Girl” & Cultivate Positive Self-Talk by Anchoring 7 Pillars of the Self-Love System™ 
  • Catch Your Dream-Stealers Red-Handed So That You Can Create a Bold Vision of Your Future Self That’s Bigger Than Where You Are Right Now
  • ​Tap into Core Confidence So That You Embrace the Transformational Journey and Soar into a Life of Significance, Fulfillment & True Joy

The Myth of Resiliency: How to Take Your Life From Tragedy to Triumph

What do you do when your life gets turned upside down & your world falls apart? Most women believe the lie that they need to be strong, pick up the pieces, and keep moving forward but this can make matters worse! There’s lots of advice - you’ve heard it all - “forgive & forget”, “pick yourself up by your bootstraps”, or “just wait on God”. Being resilient goes beyond ignoring what happened, stuffing your emotions, or sweeping things under the rug. Resilience is profound personal growth that leads to a life of thriving. Using the Bounce-Back Method, Angela gives women the tools they need for a life of resiliency so they can turn their adversities into their advantage by finding purpose in their pain.

In this workshop, your audience will learn how to:
  • How to Know If You’ve Got What It Takes to Be Resilient
  • Why You Don’t Need to Have Thick Skin to Have Resilience
  • ​How Cultivating a Self-Love System is the Foundation for Coming Back from Your Setbacks

The Story Project: Turn the Chapters of Your Life into a Book-Worthy Story 

Have you ever said, “I’m going to write a book one day” but then another year passes you by without being any closer to actually doing it? Life is hectic. Whatever screams the loudest is what gets your attention…you sit down to write and end up staring at a blank page… It’s not your fault! But it is your responsibility to write your book and use your story to bring God glory. But there is a way to turn the chapters of your life into the chapters of your book without letting another year go by. What is this secret? It's rescripting the narrative of your life from a powerful perspective that lights the path for others to follow. Using my “Once-Upon-a-Time” Story Method, Angela guides the audience through a  process of rescripting the narrative of their lives and writing their story from a powerful perspective.

In this workshop, your audience will learn how to:
  •  Why Writing Your Story is One of the Most Powerful Forms of Self-Love    
  • ​How to Become an Author Before You Publish a Book
  • ​How Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story Positions You as a Guide that Illuminates a Path For Others to Follow
Check out what these leaders had to say...
"I would like to give Angela Henson Aja an unconditional recommendation. I have known Angela for over 20 years and ministered several times at her church. I have watched her walk from tragedy to triumph and seen God's restorative work in her life. I have known her on both sides of her journey. She is a lady of unparalleled integrity. Through her ministry and coaching, people are being saved, baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit, and set free from a lifetime of pain. Angela has a passion for bringing the transformative qualities of life coaching to The Church to see them walk in the true freedom that Christ intended.  I know the ministry of Angela Aja will supernaturally bless any church!”

Lowell Mims, Church Growth Evangelist for over 30 years ministering in over 2,000 churches
"Angela Aja is a woman under authority and carries authority. She possesses qualities of faith, vision, integrity, and honesty. Angela is an eloquent speaker and has a unique calling on her life. She possesses a very credible and genuine anointing to help people uncover their purpose and potential. I highly recommend Angela Aja.”

Matthew Woodfill Sr., Lead Pastor at The Way Church, The Woodlands, Texas
Angela Aja is an amazing woman who has used devastating life struggles to catapult her into a powerful ministry of helping people realize their full potential. Operating in the gifts of the Spirit as well as professional training, she offers a unique style of ministry to groups and individuals who are seeking to fulfill God's destiny for their lives. She presents her life story in an entertaining way that captivates her audience. I highly recommend her, 
especially for Women's conferences or meetings.” 

Pastor Linda Henson,  Author and Assemblies of God Missionary, North Point Bible College, retired
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