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One Private Coaching call is often all it takes to create real change & move forward. 

The most economical of all of the packages, when you sign up for 12 Private Coaching Calls, you're doing the inner work that creates significant life-changing breakthroughs.

Use these Private Coaching Calls to experience massive breakthroughs, gain greater strategy and unlock untapped potential.

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"I have known Angela for several years; she is one of the most impactful coaches/mentors I have known in my life. ..."

She has a unique ability to lead you to discover yourself in ways that are impactful and significant. Her coaching has led me and many I know to really build their path to impact in their life. I highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to truly define their purpose and path to their life’s impact – personal and professional. It is worth the investment in time and commitment.
 —Bob M., Community Leader/University Professor

"Angela not only helped me find clarity, but she helped me find my confidence!"

“Before working with Angela, I was at a crossroads. I had invested in all kinds of coaches but nothing was moving me forward. Angela is a mentor, guiding light and loving accountability coach that helped me take bold action and show up for my clients 100%. She goes above and beyond." —Nancy G., Healthy Lifestyle Coach

"I now have focus and I am pursuing my passions."

 — Ross F., CEO of Network Financial


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative partnership.  

It's a progressive, dynamic and thought-provoking conversation that invites awareness and elicits client-generated solutions and outcomes. It brings clarity to where you currently are, precision to where the dream of your heart longs to take you, what’s standing in your way and builds a bridge between the gaps.

Coaching is about advancing your emotional intelligence, emotional responsibility, emotional resilience and conscious awareness. It is present and future focused.

Coaching brings a person’s potential and performance together to create results so that you can govern your life well, which results in leading others better.

Your next level will always become your ceiling. Where you are now was once something you were attaining to achieve. What you have currently been able to achieve will, at some point, become the ceiling that keeps you stuck where you are. By up-leveling your mindsets and creating new patterns, you will be able to “raise the roof” on your self-belief ceiling, step up into your next level and preform at a higher level. 

What Is Coach Angela's Approach?

Coach Angela's approach is simple. She comes from the perspective that:

● the answers are inside of you because you are the expert on you
● the answers are in the questions

She is masterful at asking powerful, thought-provoking questions and deep listening to help you discover the answers that you need in order to preform at your highest level.

How is Coaching Different Than Counseling or Therapy?

Therapy and counseling deal with healing pain, dysfunction and conflict within an individual or in relationships. The focus is often on resolving difficulties arising from the past that hamper an individual's emotional functioning in the present, improving overall psychological functioning, and dealing with the present in more emotionally healthy ways. 

Coaching, on the other hand, supports personal and professional growth based on self-initiated change in pursuit of specific actionable outcomes. These outcomes are linked to personal or professional success. Coaching is future focused. While positive feelings/emotions may be a natural outcome of coaching, the primary focus is on creating actionable strategies for achieving specific goals in one's work or personal life. The emphases in a coaching relationship are on action, accountability, and follow through.

What About Confidentiality?

What happens in your sessions, stays in your sessions. Coach Angela holds your confidentiality in highest regard. Working with high profile leaders, she understands the value of having a safe place where transformation can take place. Imagine a sacred space where you can feel heard, honored and valued; a safe, judgment-free zone to grow.

What If I Can't Make the Call?

Coach Angela understands that life happens. If you can't make the call, you can reschedule and a 24-hour notice would be appreciated. Her request, however is that if you schedlue a call to please show up with pen and paper available, ready to do the work.

If a call is missed with no attempt to reschedule, it will be counted as an attended call.

How Often Do I Meet With My Coach & Where Do We Meet?

Sessions are accomplished on a weekly Zoom call that lasts 60 minutes. Your Zoom link will be provided to you once you have paid for and scheduled your calls.

How Long Will It Take Before I Start Seeing Results?

While results are not guarenteed, many of Coach Angela's clients start to notice changes after one sessions. Positive outcomes are a direct result of a coachee's commitment to doing the homework and showing up for the weekly sessions. Coach Angela's clients have been able to see results that are nothing short of a miracle.

What Are Coach Angela's Professional Qualifications?

Angela is an Ordained Minister with a 40-year ministry background, a Professional Certified Life Coach through the International Coach Federation, and the best-selling author of Summoned to Soar - Five Stages of the Rise of a Woman. She is a super-supporter of women who feel the call to rise up and soar to new heights; coaching over 1,000 hours, and mentoring women & men to be leaders in their own lives, organizations, and communities. You can check her out HERE
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