Coaching You to Clarity, Confidence and Courage

Angela Aja is the founder and CEO of Angela Aja Coaching, Best-
selling author of Summoned to Soar: Five Stages of the Rise of a Woman
and Co-Founder of The Flutter – A Virtual Empowerment Center for
Women. She is a certified life coach with over 30 years of mentoring
and coaching experience, training heart-centered, faith-centric leaders to
shape impactful lives for themselves and their communities. After a
devastating family set back, Angela has overcome her own adversity,
taken advantage of opportunities before her and turned tragedy into
triumph, growth and expansion. Angela is resilient, inspiring and Spirit-led
in her endeavors, empowering others to rise up and soar to new heights.
Angela has been called a “Life Strategist” and a “Confidence Catalyst”.

She specializes in:

● Confidence Building
● Identity Development & Refinement
● Self-Esteem Enhancement
● Set-Back Recovery
● Mental Management & Mastery
● Emotional Resilience & Responsibility Training
● Transition Forecasting
● Strategic Vision Planning


Summoned To Soar

Summoned to Soar – Five Stages of the Rise of a Woman

“Summoned to Soar has completely transformed my life!”
If you want to take a closer look into who you are and where you want to go, I highly recommend this book.

This book delivers a clear picture into who you are as a person. It awakened my purpose of what I am passionate about and provided me with the knowledge that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

It was inspirational and you can feel the passion of the author. I didn’t want to put the book down. Loved the symbolism too!My spirit has been completely renewed — Cori. B